Porting and Access

Gain access to America’s only portability registry

The Number Portability Administration Center/Service Management System (NPAC/SMS) is the system that supports the implementation of Local Number Portability (LNP) and is used to facilitate number porting in the United States. Once a ported number is activated, real-time network downloads are sent from the NPAC to all Local Service Management Systems (LSMSs). Some reasons a telephone number may need to be ported:

To facilitate porting, a Service Provider sends porting information, called “Subscription Version” information, to the NPAC. Service Providers choose their access method based on business need. A Subscription Version can be entered or modified via a:

  • Non-mechanized web-based Low Tech Interface (LTI)
  • Mechanized Service Order Administration (SOA) system
  • Request via the NPAC Help Desk
  • Service Bureau


NPAC Customer Portal

The NPAC Customer Portal provides authorized NPAC users with access to training materials, user documentation, billing information and support.


The Customer Portal is a valuable resource for NPAC Users