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The Number Portability Administration Center/Service Management System (NPAC/SMS) is the system that supports the implementation of Local Number Portability (LNP) and is used to facilitate number porting in the United States. Once a ported number is activated, real-time network downloads are sent from the NPAC to all Local Service Management Systems (LSMS). 

Reasons a telephone number may need to be ported

When a telephone number moves from the current Service Provider to a new Service Provider.

When a telephone number moves from one switch to another within the same telecommunications Service Provider's network.

When a telephone number moves to a new Service Provider in blocks of 1,000 to create an inventory of unassigned telephone numbers.

Inter-carrier or competitive porting
Intra-carrier porting
Number pooling

How to facilitate porting

To facilitate porting, a Service Provider sends porting information, called “Subscription Version” information, to the NPAC. Service providers choose their access method based on business need. A Subscription Version can be entered or modified via a non-merchanized web-based Low Tech Interface (LTI), mechanized Service Order Administration (SOA) system, request via the NPAC Help Desk, or via a Service Bureau. Once a ported number is activated, real-time network downloads are sent from the NPAC to all Local Service Management Systems (LSMS).

How LNP works

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NPAC Customer Portal

The NPAC Customer Portal is a valuable resource for all NPAC users and PTRS users. It provides authorized NPAC users with access to training materials, user documentation, billing information and support. Once logged into the portal you can:


Service Catalog

Access the Service Catalog with information regarding Bulk Data Downloads, Connectivity, Porting Services, Reports, Contact Change Requests, Subscription Version Requests and Testing.


Knowledge Base

Access the Knowledge Base, which includes methods and procedures, user manuals, reports, forms and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

access account information

Account information

Access your company’s Account information, including Users and Contacts, Bulletin Boards, Dashboards, Billing Portal and Trainings.

Report issue

Report issue

Open a ticket to report an issue.


Request service

Open a ticket to request a service.

help desk

Get live help

Start a chat session with a live Desk Agent.

Access the NPAC Customer Portal

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