NPAC Software Releases

As the industry innovates, the systems that support it must be kept up to date. The industry, through the LNPA-WG body, sets requirements for improvements and updates to the NPAC software. This section contains documentation for all major NPAC Software Releases, or Implemented Change Orders, going back to 1997. Associated Information such as test plans, functional requirements specifications, etc. on the latest NPAC software release and all past releases can be found by clicking on the specific release from the left hand navigation.

View some of the more commonly used acronyms throughout this section
  • NANC - North American Numbering Council
  • FRS - Functional Requirements Specification
  • IIS - Interoperable Interface Specification
  • ASN1 - Abstract Syntax Notation One
  • GDMO - Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects
  • SPID - Service Provider ID
  • DPC - Destination Point Code

NPAC 5.2

Current Production Version 5.2 
Implemented 2/04/2024

NPAC 5.1

NPAC 5.0

NPAC 4.1

NPAC 3.4

NPAC 3.3

NPAC 3.2

NPAC 3.1

NPAC 3.0

NPAC 2.0

NPAC 1.4

NPAC 1.3

NPAC 1.2

NPAC 1.1

NPAC 1.0