Power of number porting


Find out which companies can access the country’s Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) database and for what purposes.

Complying with the TCPA


Find out why knowing if a phone number is wireless or wireline is critical to complying with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

PortData Validate


Learn how businesses are leveraging PortData Validate as part of their fraud mitigation and risk assessment efforts.

PortData Validate service


Get an in-depth look at the PortData Validate service, from the customer types it’s designed to help, to the services it provides to the data elements it makes available.

Bulk data download


Bulk Data Downloads can be used to communicate network, number pool block, subscription versions and more. Get an overview of this service available for NPAC users.

Law enforcement, public safety


Learn more about the NPAC services for law enforcement and public safety users who wish to use the NPAC to access port-corrected Service Provider information and associated contact information.

Local systems re/certification


Learn the details of the certification and recertification process for local systems so they can directly connect to the NPAC/SMS to perform porting activities.



Download this guide for a complete list of IVR and ELEP benefits.

NPAC Onboarding Course

What can prospective NPAC users expect during the onboarding process? This 30-minute video will provide you with a deeper understanding of NPAC onboarding training.