What is the NPAC?

What is LNP?

Who can receive NPAC data and what can it be used for?

What regions does the U.S. NPAC serve?

NPAC Service

Account Management for Service Providers, PTRS, Service Bureaus

IVR for Service Providers, PTRS, Service Bureaus

Number Portability Industry Forum (NPIF)

What is the Number Portability Industry Forum (NPIF)?

Who can participate in the NPIF?

PortData Validate

Testing for PortData Validate

Resellers of PortData Validate

Access for PortData Validate

PortData Comply

Account Management for PortData Comply

Billing for PortData Comply

Resellers for PortData Comply

Access for PortData Comply

PortData Source

PortData Source FAQs