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Quickly Access the Critical Information You Need to Accelerate Criminal Investigations

April 18, 2019: Those in law enforcement know that ensuring data accuracy and working quickly to solve investigations in a timely manner is critical. It can be frustrating when delays in seemingly simple tasks, like accessing phone records, hold up the process due to missing or inaccurate information.

Investigators need to request phone records from a service provider, wait to receive it and then determine if the record aligns with the investigation, all of which takes time and resources to track. Often it is not until the records are back that an investigator discovers they sent it to the incorrect service provider and/or it does not cover the entire historical period they are looking into.

The nation’s Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC), managed by iconectiv, expedites this by allowing qualified law enforcement agencies to determine which U.S. communications service provider owns the phone number that is of interest in a criminal investigation or law-related matter. Given that iconectiv is the only FCC authorized company in the United States to administer number portability, every service provider in the country that ports numbers is mandated to register in the system and law enforcement and public safety agencies can quickly gain the accurate information they need with the click of a button.

The quickest and only way to access historical phone data is through the Enhanced Law Enforcement Platform (ELEP). A secure, subscription-based service, ELEP allows users to query up to 100 numbers at a time, provides full porting history, as well as lists the current service provider of record. 

More information about NPAC for law enforcement can be found here.