Are you a direct user of the NPAC who is in the business of telephone marketing and relies on the Intermodal Ported Telephone Number Identification Service of the current NPAC, also known as the Wireless Do Not Call (WDNC) service, for porting data? If so, you have come to the right place to begin onboarding to the new iconectiv NPAC. For all other users, please visit our Get Started page.

Already requested the registration form? For more information visit our Returning Telemarketers page.


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STEP 1 - Request Transition Registration Form

Onboarding begins with the registration process.  If you are a direct user of the WDNC service, you can click on the Register Now button to request the registration form. Once this information has been submitted, the registration form will be emailed to you.  Registration for users who purchase the WDNC service through a reseller can begin the registration process later in 2017. Additional details will be provided in advance.