Dear LLC Presidents and Chairs:

Attached please find the NPAC Release 4.0 Change Order Package from the LNPA
Working Group.  The first attachment is the transmittal form for
correspondence between the LLCs and LNPA Working Group during the SOW
process.  The steps on the form refer to the Change Management Process Flows
and Narratives which can be found on the web at under
LNPAWG Documents NPAC CMA Narratives and Flows dated 091599.  The second
attachment is a list of the change orders being requested by the LNPA
Working Group for release 4.0 along with the business need of each.  A
complete list of change orders with detailed requirements can also be found
on the web at under CMAS Reports R4 Chg Ords dated 022400.
Please let Shelly Shaw or myself know of any questions you may have.

<<WG Release Package RF-1 4199.doc>>  <<Release Package for 4.0.doc>>

Charles S. Ryburn
Co-Chair LNPA Working Group